Acomplicated kindness essay thesis

When you perform random acts of kindness at work, you help build high-quality connections   with your team members. And there are other ways that life in the workplace can be boosted by the knock-on effects of kindness. For example, if your kindness makes someone feel happy, she will likely be more engaged   and successful   . What's more, people who feel supported   and part of a friendly, inclusive team will less likely feel angry   or stressed   .

A Story about Susan Mckinney
From Don Mckinney, her husband

Dear Readers:

In 1996, my wife Susan was struck with a very rare illness, central nervous system (cerebral) vasculitis. In the space of one week, she was struck with two major and one minor stroke as a result of the disease. She went comatose and nearly died. For the next three months, we suffered through not knowing whether she would live or die, to watching her struggle with paralysis (neck down) to coping with having to reclaim her body and her life.

Despite her handicaps, she has started an active dialog on the Internet with other survivors and interested families and friends of the survivors of this disease. Before the onslaught of the disease she was an accomplished secretary, typing over 80 wpm accurately, and also an accounting technician.

Today, she has great difficulty typing, she is stuck in a wheel chair, but everyday, she checks the "e-mail" several times a day and she makes sure that everyone on her list gets a "pick-me-up". As a 30 year veteran of the news media, she remains one of the bravest people I know.

We have a web site if it will help you located on the Internet at: </mckinneyfamily> and it pretty much tells the story.
I hope you will consider her for your publication, if you could see her determination when she types (20 wpm tops), I think you would know why I think her story needs to get out.

Acomplicated kindness essay thesis

a complicated kindness essay thesis


a complicated kindness essay thesisa complicated kindness essay thesisa complicated kindness essay thesisa complicated kindness essay thesis