Apartheid essay prompts

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The way that Isabel struggles to pronounce Mr. M's name and the names of other students in Thami's class is significant because it shows how important names are in showing one's cultural identity and associations. Because Isabel lives in an English-speaking home and attends an English-speaking school, she has not come in much contact with Bantu names. Perhaps some, like Mr. M, have even attempted to make things easier for non-Bantu-speakers by shortening or changing their names. However, Thami and Mr. M have no trouble pronouncing her name, since her language and culture are dominant, meaning they have had to learn to speak that language and pronounce those types of names for much or all of their lives.

Apartheid essay prompts

apartheid essay prompts


apartheid essay promptsapartheid essay promptsapartheid essay promptsapartheid essay prompts