Athletic trainer research paper

“With the dramatic growth in youth sports participation and the subsequent increase in the number of injuries we are seeing, there is a need for qualified medical care who understands the issues facing young athletes.  The utilization of an Athletic Trainer for recognition and early intervention as well as prevention of these injuries is the logical choice in providing appropriate medical care for our children,” says Kevin Klingele, ., orthopedist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Certified athletic trainers are an integral part of the Sports Medicine Team.  They work “one on one” with athletes and patients on a daily basis helping them restore function and return to activity as quickly and safely as possible.  ATCs are some of the most qualified medical professional to respond to the needs of the student-athlete and physically active population.  Make sure there is one caring for your injuries.

Athletic trainer research paper

athletic trainer research paper


athletic trainer research paperathletic trainer research paperathletic trainer research paperathletic trainer research paper