Biology senior thesis ideas

BISP 196 offers students majoring in the Biological Sciences, the opportunity to participate in independent/individual research for academic credit with, and under the direction of, a UC San Diego faculty member. Projects are expected to involve primary, experimental/analytical approaches that augment training in basic biology and that echo the curricular focus of the Division of Biological Sciences. Thus, projects should involve analysis of biological processes or systems at a molecular, biochemical, cellular, organismal, or ecosystem level.

e) Talk to your professors and other scientists about projects of potential interest. We want to help you as best as we can, and we may be able to assist in identifying topics that are suitable, or too complex, or too trivial. However, be reasonably prepared before you begin these discussions. We will not provide a list of topics for your selection. Most importantly, give yourself plenty of time to undertake the readings and discussions necessary to identify the topic of your proposal. It is not an overstatement to say that the most important parameter limiting the ultimate quality of your Senior Exercise is the selection and definition of the question you pose. The choice of faculty thesis advisor and problem go hand-in-hand. Your potential thesis advisor will not sign your "contract" unless they are persuaded that your problem is well chosen, thought out and that it is a good match with their area of expertise. Approach your prospective advisers well before the deadline for submission of the "contract".

BIOL 455 Human Immunology and pathology of infectious diseases: the continuing battle (4) NW
Focuses on the immune system as the co-evolutionary center of a struggle between animals and pathogens in regards to human life within a germ-infested world. Deep discussion of the immune system, vaccines, pathogens (focusing on viruses) and how the battle between good and evil needs a healthy balance. Focuses on the biological aspects of cellular and system-wide defense against pathogens. Prerequisite: BIOL220 Offered: ASp.
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Biology senior thesis ideas

biology senior thesis ideas


biology senior thesis ideasbiology senior thesis ideasbiology senior thesis ideasbiology senior thesis ideas