Brain drain in india essay pdf

Theoretically, she could exercise her rights as a flexible citizen, and follow her clientele to flashy playgrounds of the rich such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Indeed, these old hubs of transportation and commerce are reinventing themselves as high-class tax shelters and playgrounds for Asia's plutocracy. But this is far from resolving the crisis of the nation-state, the original guarantor, in post-colonial India and China at least, of citizenship, rights, welfare and dignity - a gathering crisis that will affect everyone invested in Asia's political and economic stability.

The Millennial generation in South Korea grew up with different expectations than their parents and grandparents. As the country developed, everyone was guaranteed a steady, if difficult and perhaps menial, job. By contrast, today’s youth have no such guarantees and wouldn’t likely take such a job if they were offered it. No one wants to study every waking hour of their childhood just to work in the same factory that their parents did 40 years ago. They want well-paying, white collar jobs, and just as in other developed countries, there aren’t enough of those jobs to go around.

A major reason for the declining health services in the poorer countries has been the structural adjustment programs imposed by richer countries and international institutions on poorer countries, which then contributes to this brain drain, thus twisting the knife in the back, so to speak. The small amounts that rich countries do allow the poor to spend on health is now lost to the already rich, and the poor have to bear the burden. (See this site’s section on structural adjustment for more on how the rich dictate to the poor how to structure their economies and run their countries.)

Brain drain in india essay pdf

brain drain in india essay pdf


brain drain in india essay pdfbrain drain in india essay pdfbrain drain in india essay pdfbrain drain in india essay pdf