Communication ethan frome essay

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Communication is an important theme in Ethan Frome because the story shows how little of it actually takes place in the Frome household. This continuous lack of communication only intensifies the silent chaos that exists within the four walls of the small Frome house. Silence harbors within it ideas, conjectures, fears, sadness, anxiety, and many emotions that come as a result of a repressed existence. This being said, we can conclude that communication is the key to the solution to many of the problems, and it is the lack of communication what creates a number of catalysts that result in even more misery for Ethan's sake.

Editor Phoenix: I write to thank those of our Brattleboro friends who contributed to the box of books sent to the Hospital of the 8th Vt., for their very acceptable gift. The convalescent and the wounded have suffered from the great lack of reading matter. To read is a relief to the wearied mind of the sick soldier; good reading may make his hours of gradual recovery a valuable opportunity for mental improvement; and the more active the mind the greater is the martyrdom of idleness and the greater the advantage of well chosen books. These which I have just received are precisely what is most needed. Their very variety makes them the better adapted to our use. For a man with a tedious wound the Illustrated Papers, sent, I have no doubt, by E. J. Carpenter, of the News Depot, are a source of amusement and interest one must see with his own eyes, perhaps experience in his own case, before it can be realized. Books are not to be had here, of course; the little local papers cost five cents each; and the New York dailies fifteen, twenty and twenty-five cents each; and, as we have not been paid excepting to April 30th, I assure you money is scarce indeed. Let our friends then feel that this box of books, which had some money value at home, is here above price, and is to comfort many a weary mind, and restore many a desponding spirit to cheerfulness and health. I now conside our hospital a model one, and I am glad to say that the records attest the fidelity and skill of all concerned. .

Communication ethan frome essay

communication ethan frome essay


communication ethan frome essaycommunication ethan frome essaycommunication ethan frome essaycommunication ethan frome essay