Custom 700 action

The inventor of the firing mechanism, Merle "Mike" Walker , 98 years old at the time of the documentary, told CNBC he proposed what he called a safer trigger in 1948 while the product was still in the testing stage. Walker said his enhanced design was rejected because of the added cost, 5 1/2 cents per gun (adjusted for inflation: $). [23] Critics of the documentary countered that every incident featured on the program involving loss of life was the result of firearms mishandling where owners pointed their rifles at other human beings. [27] Remington responded with the Remington Model 700 Network which gave direct rebuttals to the program, and their perspective on the incidents the program describes. [28] Remington dismisses the allegations, pointing out that in every case either trigger mechanisms of the rifles were adjusted or altered beyond recommended specifications, [29] rifles were poorly maintained and left to rust, or the misuser of the rifle admitted to police they might "possibly" have pulled the trigger. [28]

During the shooting portion of the evaluation, everything functioned as you would expect from a Remington rifle and the AI mags appear to be aligned and setup correctly as they functioned as they should as well. The magazine release extends below the trigger guard like you see on the Badger Ordnance floorplates, and it is easy to operate even with gloved hands. The rifle was comfortable to shoot but I will make mention that we were shooting in about 28 degree weather (Fahrenheit) and the solid aluminum cheek piece was uncomfortably cold, in fact, cold enough that I stopped shooting in order to warm up my cheek. I thought that eventually my cheek would warm up the cheep piece, and perhaps it would have with enough time, but it did not during this shooting session. If it was another 10 degrees cooler the rifle may not have been shootable without some method of warming the cheekpiece. If I were to use one of these stocks, I would see about either putting some mole skin on the cheekpiece for cold weather operations or contact PDC about making a cheekpiece out of plastic or some other material. Along the same lines, a larger pistol grip, or one without the bottom platform, would be better suited for cold weather operations with gloves on.

For a new gun, with factory ammunition, we are fairly pleased with the results.  Our first group at 100-yards with rounds 3, 4 and 5 measured .509″.  Our second five-round group, with rounds 6-10 measured .688″.  While we would like to see better results with this, we are happy so far considering the range conditions and brutal mirage that was obscuring vision.  Average accuracy from this gun from our initial session was .645″, with the largest 5-round group measuring .739″.  We plan on working up some hand loads and heading back to the range in the near future.

Custom 700 action

custom 700 action


custom 700 actioncustom 700 actioncustom 700 actioncustom 700 action