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Blind SQL injection is the most favorite vulnerability for the attackers. The attackers will only need the web browser to do this technique. First, the attackers have to found a right page to be injected with some syntax. After that the attackers should drop all database table, and looking for user table or admin table. If there is user table the attackers can drop the column and the attackers could get the full data of the user, included the credit card information. But, if user table doesn't exist, the attackers should use the admin table. The attackers should drop the admin column and search for the admin password. After the attackers cracks the admin's username and password, the attackers could go to the admin panel and look for the information of the buyer.

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Coursework will be used in a coherent manner across all of the security specific modules to ensure that you will also get appropriate hands-on operational experience of relevant aspects of cyber-security, including testing and analysis. Some of this course work may be organised in ways that shadow larger scale exercises, such as the Cyber-Security Challenge. The individual project (full-time) is carried out over the summer period, and if done without a placement, lasts approximately 14 weeks or 600 hours. If undertaken within an industrial or research placement, the project period extends to up to six months.

Cyber essays website

cyber essays website


cyber essays websitecyber essays websitecyber essays websitecyber essays website