Does music influence young people essay

I wonder if the pleasure centers of the brain that are triggered have a deeply rooted social component. Music is a social activity. The areas of the brain
that are responding to music represent areas of the brain associated with elements of communal safety. Our tendency as a species to create hiearchical social dynamics are replicated in the technical workings of music of all types and across cultures. We perceive the constituent elements of music in a shifting matrix–and our psychological response is affected by the shifts in this matrix.
Your description of the Brahms Hungarian Rhapsody left out the sense of safety and power that comes from many working in common to a shared end.

Gregory thank you for this interesting topic. I have always been fascinated with angels, so this was very helpful for me.
Now I’m not some “troll” or anything, but I’ll throw my “two cents” about music here. I’m not going to call myself a “headbanger” or “metalhead”, but rock based music has been my prime music choice for pretty much my whole life so far. And I do mainly listen to more metal/extreme/underground music. In all honesty, around the 200 artists I listen too, a small fraction of them are really “satanic” and most of which if you take them seriously, I’m not trying to sound like a jerk, but your a pretty pathetic person if you do. I’m mainly talking about the 80’s artists like Venom/Slayer then the death & black metal artists from the past couple decades. I listen to a good amount of artists from those subgenres, and I’m not trying to be all “cocky” or whatever, but I’m like a “good” person. I never intentionally abused/hurt someone or an animal, caused trouble for my family, I know how to be a good friend/family member, and I care about people. Some of the music I listen too is just straight up morbid, violent, nihilistic themed lyrics, and I’m nothing like that at all. I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything but I would like to know where you got that “scientific studies” about how you pretty much are what you listen too. Which I think is pretty far-fetched, since I know, and I mean I know, a few people who live and breath country music, which alot of it is christian, family and life themed, but these individuals I know are the opposite of “their” music. They cheat on their girlfriend/wife, their selfish, and their pretty much racsist. Like I said I listen to some very dark music, though I listen to the “music” I could care less about the vocals and lyrics.
I can honestly see why music is affilated with the devil now, but like I said your pathetic if you take the death & black metal bands seriously, what I mean by that is like the people who live that way like that kind of music they listen too. The whole satanic imagery is just total BS. Like the idea of satan having horns, goat legs, being red, stuff like that. Tell me if I’m wrong but none of that is in the bible. I always thought (well not when I was a kid/little, mainly my teen years and later) Satan looked like that angel pictured above. Just during the medieval ages artists created the image of Satan at the time what they thought of what look “evil”. And we still use that image today.
Honestly music is one of the least dangerous things of this world, pretty much the real threat is the Media. The Media pretty much alway blows things out of proprotions and no news channel says the same thing about a topic, it all gets mixed around and people believe what the idiot box (tv) tells them.
I dont think I mentioned this but I’m not a Christian, though I wont ever say I wont become one, but I’m not one at the moment and maybe for awhile. But I don’t bash people’s religion, like faith is a wonderful thing, just beliefs/belief systems is what causes trouble.

Its Almost Overwhelming Impact. --There is a great power that goes with the movement [Holy Flesh] that is on foot there. It would almost bring anybody within its scope, if they are at all conscientious, and sit and listen with the least degree of favor; because of the music that is brought to play in the ceremony. They have an organ, one bass viol, three fiddles, two flutes, three tambourines, three horns, and a big bass drum, and perhaps other instruments which I have not mentioned. They are as much trained in their musical line as any Salvation Army choir that you ever heard. In fact, their revival effort is simply a complete copy of the Salvation Army method, and when they get on a high key, you cannot hear a word from the congregation in their singing, nor hear anything, unless it be shrieks of those who are half insane. After an appeal to come forward for prayers, a few of the leading ones would always come forward, to lead others to come; and then they would begin to play on the musical instruments, until you could not hear yourself think; and under the excitement of this strain, they get a large proportion of the congregation forward over and over again. --S. N. Haskell report to E. G. White, September 25, 1900.

Does music influence young people essay

does music influence young people essay


does music influence young people essaydoes music influence young people essaydoes music influence young people essaydoes music influence young people essay