Edd thesis proposal

Studying for the Doctor of Management will involve you in drawing on your own experience of change at work and trying to think and write about it using concepts you will learn on the programme and from your reading and research elsewhere. You will then be encouraged to reflect further on what you have written, and you will elaborate your ideas iteratively in discussion with others on the programme, bringing together action, reflection, thinking and writing. The DMan is group-based and you will be expected to participate actively with other DMan students in lively discussions about both your work and theirs.

The . program prepares educators to take leadership roles in improving educational systems and advancing student learning and success. The low residency, three- year cohort-based structure of the program is ideal for working professionals, and the focus on applied research allows participants to have an immediate impact on the quality of education in their work environments. The Pre K-12 Leadership and Higher Education Administration concentrations allow participants to develop expertise in specific settings and issues. The program will also engage students, faculty, and other members of the education community in integrated inquiry into issues that span our educa­tional systems. This unique combination of deep understanding, expanded vision, and diverse profes­sional networks positions participants for innovative, entrepreneurial leadership in a complex and changing world.

Edd thesis proposal

edd thesis proposal


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