Edexcel igcse literature coursework

Physics is a relatively logical science that requires minimal memorization, at least at IGCSE level. If you look through past papers, you can see that all the questions are quite repetitive and all have a pattern to them. Once you’ve fully understood most things in the syllabus, to get that A* or 100%, all you need to do is conquer the mark scheme. They have specific wordings for definitions and answers to different types of questions, and what I find most effective when I revise for Physics is actually having the mark scheme beside me, then copying down the exact wording of answers even if I get the question correct. If the question asks for “Give one reason”, I try to give all the ones that may potentially end up on the mark scheme.

Developed to meet the requirements of Edexcel’s new IGCSE English Literature specification 4ET0, the set of 16 worksheets is designed to accompany the poems in Section C of the Anthology .  For any student revising for their Edexcel English Literature exam, these worksheets provide vital support in preparing the texts.  Further details are freely available in the Poetry Anthology Introduction  as it appears in our IGCSE English course.  The introduction provides general guidelines on how to approach and prepare a text.  These will be useful to students everywhere who are preparing to sit their Edexcel IGCSE English Literature examination.

Edexcel igcse literature coursework

edexcel igcse literature coursework


edexcel igcse literature courseworkedexcel igcse literature courseworkedexcel igcse literature courseworkedexcel igcse literature coursework