Essay on elections in india

            Currently, polls and forecasters suggest that Clinton not only has a strong lead over Trump, but that her lead is growing.  These polls reinforce forecasters who suggest that, while not inevitable, a Clinton victory is extremely likely in 2016.  However, several events in recent political history suggest that it would be unwise not to consider Trump as a viable Presidential candidate.  First, Trump’s own campaign has shown that he is a surprisingly resilient candidate who is virtually attack-proof; his supporters simply do not care if Trump is touched by scandal or if his positions are in marked contrast to his own life or prior statements.  Second, Trump seems to gain support when he makes the type of offensive comments that normally have candidates issuing apologies as they watch their campaigns sputter and die.  Third, the pro-Brexit referendum vote in the United Kingdom had a similar support base as Trump’s candidacy in the United States.  It was assumed that the referendum would fail, but it passed instead.  Therefore, it is clear that, regardless of which candidate a person supports, getting out to vote in November will be even more critical than in other election years. 

Americans will elect the 45th President of the United States on the 8th of November, 2016. President Barack Obama is ineligible for re-election due to term limits established in the Constitution. The winner of this year's presidential election will be sworn into office on the 20th of January The main people in this presidential election is Hilary Clinton from the Democrats and Donald Trump from the Republicans. Especially Donald Trump has reached a lot of attention in America and the rest of the world both good and bad attention. Super Tuesday is the second-most important Tuesday in the American political process. This day is very important to the American Presidential Election because it is the day, when nearly half of the states in the union hold political primaries, caucuses and conventions to determine their candidates for Most of the Super Tuesday primaries are proportional, which means that the delegates will be awarded based on the percentage of the votes a candidate receives. This year Super Tuesday was the 1st of March 2016. The results of this Super Tuesday were that Hilary Clinton is the favourite at the Democrats, and Donald Trump is the favourite at the Republicans. Another result of the Super Tuesday was a nervous United States because of the thought of Donald Trump as the next American President.
As told before Donald Trump has reached a lot of attention and especially bad attention through criticism. Some people actually compare Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler, because they mean that Donald uses racism to rise to power, proposes mass deportations, promises to make America great again, is Anti-Muslim Fascist and so on. All these things are compared to the way Adolf Hitler led Because of all this criticism of Donald Trump by the American people I think that Hilary Clinton will be the next American President. I think Hilary Clinton will be a good president and lead the country well and solve pro...

Essay on elections in india

essay on elections in india


essay on elections in indiaessay on elections in indiaessay on elections in indiaessay on elections in india