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His essays are allusive, which is peculiar to romantic essays. Lamb, rambles throughout the narratives with ease and is able to return to the point. He often does it in his writings. This allusive quality is seen in Dream Children when he begins talking about his grandmother Field, he then rambles to talk of the house she worked in, and later to talk about the mantel piece carving of the Babes in the Wood. He also makes use of parentheses, which gives us an insight to the characters stream of consciousness. The parentheses in, Dream Children, mostly show us the observations of the father, which tell us more about the children’s expressions for dramatic emphasis.

After completing The Truce Levi allowed himself the liberty of writing Natural Histories , a series of lighthearted sci-fi stories published to general critical disappointment in 1966. Each piece offers a smart idea, ironic and potentially alarmist—a society duped into believing that people need to wear heavy armor to avoid a deadly virus, a telephone network that develops its own intelligence and makes and interrupts calls as it pleases, a country where the duties of literary censorship are assigned to barnyard hens.

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