Evaluating the research process paper

Unlike similar information found in newspapers or television broadcasts, information available on the Internet is not regulated for quality or accuracy; therefore, it is particularly important for the individual Internet user to evaluate the resource or information. Keep in mind that almost anyone can publish anything they wish on the Web. It is often difficult to determine authorship of Web sources, and even if the author is listed, he or she may not always represent him or herself honestly, or he or she may represent opinions as fact. The responsibility is on the user to evaluate resources effectively. Remember to evaluate Wikipedia articles too;  Evaluating Wikipedia gives some tips.

In the 1980s the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada supported research in fishery economics in South East Asia. By 1996, when this funding stopped, IDRC was supporting more than 80 researchers in 14 teams at universities, research institutions and government fisheries agencies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. These individuals became leaders in fisheries, in government, and in research centres, bringing with them a culture of evidence based policy making around sustainable ecosystem management.

Evaluating the research process paper

evaluating the research process paper


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