Example of evaluation essay

How to Play

  1. Motif will say "Welcome to Motif Backgammon!" Click the "Ok" button. Then click the "Start a Game" button. Motif will roll the dice for both players. You are White and Motif is Red.
  2. The player with the higher roll goes first. If Motif goes first, you will see a message saying "Motif is thinking . ." and after a couple of seconds the red checkers will move to show the play Motif has chosen. Click "Ok" and then click "Roll Dice" to start your turn.
  3. If you go first, move your white checkers according to the numbers showing on both dice. Move each checker by dragging it using the mouse. (To "drag" a checker, position the mouse pointer over the checker, press and hold down the mouse button, and move the mouse.) Once you satisfy the requirements of the roll, the "Ok" button becomes enabled. Click "Ok" to complete your turn, or click "Cancel" to change your play. An alternative to dragging is to do a single click on the point that you want to move your checker to. This will move the nearest checker that can legally go to that point.
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We can treat RTE as a classification task, in which we try to predict the True / False label for each pair. Although it seems likely that successful approaches to this task will involve a combination of parsing, semantics and real world knowledge, many early attempts at RTE achieved reasonably good results with shallow analysis, based on similarity between the text and hypothesis at the word level. In the ideal case, we would expect that if there is an entailment, then all the information expressed by the hypothesis should also be present in the text. Conversely, if there is information found in the hypothesis that is absent from the text, then there will be no entailment.

Example of evaluation essay

example of evaluation essay


example of evaluation essayexample of evaluation essayexample of evaluation essayexample of evaluation essay