Gcse english speech coursework

Use the links below to open audio versions of the poems in the Anthology . This is a selection of the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank . Other poems are protected by the authors' copyright. The mp3 files are larger and of slightly better quality; I recorded them using Audacity . The Real Media files were converted from the mp3 files using Helix Producer Basic . To play these files you will need a media player such as RealOne Player or Windows Media Player . You are welcome to edit the files and add your own FX. If you have a slow connection the files may take some time to download or open.

I have been teaching grade eight (13 year olds) in middle school for the past nine years, but am returning to secondary school to teach English. When teaching the grade eights, I always wove explicit instruction in parts of speech and sentence types and construction into my lessons and found that their writing and ability to express complex thinking improved over the course of the year. Now that I’m moving to upper grades, I had thought that this instruction would prove less necessary. I am now convinced that I will have to continue to teach sentence construction and push my students toward ever more “golden” sentences. Thanks for the post. It confirms what I already knew in my gut.

Gcse english speech coursework

gcse english speech coursework


gcse english speech courseworkgcse english speech courseworkgcse english speech courseworkgcse english speech coursework