Ghostwriter lenni frazier

In 1997, CBS aired a new version of the show, The New Ghostwriter Mysteries , [8] but it was canceled after one season due to low ratings. The new show had little in common with the original, changing Ghostwriter's on-screen appearance, introducing entirely new characters, and getting rid of the serial format of the original series. [9] The show was filmed in Toronto, Ontario , Canada, and featured a new team of three kids: Camella Gorik ( Charlotte Sullivan ), Emilie Robeson ( Erica Luttrell ), and Henry "Strick" Strickland ( Kristian Ayre ). Ghostwriter only had two colors, which were silver and gold .

Other cast members include Lt. Isaiah McQuade (Mike Hodge), and the team's enemies: Calvin Ferguson ( Wil Horneff in "Ghost Story", Joey Shea thereafter) and Jeffrey Baxter (Jon Hershfield). The show's numerous guest stars included Samuel L. Jackson as Jamal's father Reginald "Reggie" Jenkins in the first three cases (later replaced by Dean Irby ), Mark Linn-Baker , Julia Stiles , Max Wright , Spike Lee , Patricia Barry , Daisy Fuentes , Orlagh Cassidy , Judge Reinhold , Melinda Mullins , Annabelle Gurwitch , Robin Leach , Salt-N-Pepa , Madhur Jaffrey , Harry Connick, Jr. , CeCe Peniston , David Patrick Kelly , Charles Mann and Bo Jackson .

Ghostwriter lenni frazier

ghostwriter lenni frazier


ghostwriter lenni frazierghostwriter lenni frazierghostwriter lenni frazierghostwriter lenni frazier