Healthy balanced diet essay

  • Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health
  • Global targets 2025 to improve maternal, infant and young child nutrition
  • WHO e-Library of Evidence for Nutrition Actions (eLENA)
  • WHO Global database on the Implementation of Nutrition Action (GINA)
  • Five Keys to Safer Food Programme
  • The 3 Fives
  • International food standards (Codex Alimentarius)
  • Fact sheet on malnutrition

“The Zone” actually refers to a proper hormone balance, and not specifically a balance of food types. When insulin levels are stable, and glucagon levels are not too high, then specific anti-inflammatory chemicals (types of eicosanoids) are released, which have similar effects to aspirin, but without downsides, such as gastric bleeding. Sears claims that a 30:40 ratio of protein to carbohydrates triggers this effect, and this is called ‘The Zone.’ Sears claims that these natural anti-inflammatories are heart and health friendly.

Other ‘discretionary choices’ are not needed in a healthy diet. This includes:

  • biscuits
  • cakes
  • ice cream
  • ice blocks
  • soft drinks
  • cordials, sports, fruit and energy drinks
  • lollies and chocolates
  • processed meats
  • potato crisps
  • savoury snack foods
  • commercial burgers
  • hot chips
  • fried foods
  • alcohol.
These foods and drinks often provide excess energy, saturated fat, sugar or salt. They are often described as ‘energy-rich but nutrient-poor’.

Healthy balanced diet essay

healthy balanced diet essay


healthy balanced diet essayhealthy balanced diet essayhealthy balanced diet essayhealthy balanced diet essay