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I find this an odd remark.  Dr. Senior wrote out a list.  Then it was typed.  After several years, it was photo-copied, retyped, and eventually sent around by email over the course of 30 years.  It was put in print recently in his book, The Death of Christian Culture (also available in ebook format).  In the process of writing this article, I received version by pdf and email.  Now I have added the original list to a website, which is– for many readers– linked to their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.  I believe your own posting in the “com box” testifies to the success of putting these “excellent ideas” “within that reality.”  No?  That John Senior’s list has appeared in so many media attests to the enduring worth and ongoing attraction of his views.

There are four official levels of competition: local/scrimmage, regional, state, and national (Rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively). With the exception of Round 1, only the top finishers in each round advance to the next level. [44] [45] California, the state with the largest Academic Decathlon, holds local scrimmages using the Round 1 tests, which are largely for practice and do not determine whether a team can compete at the regional level, which uses Round 2 tests. [44] In the 2008–09 season, 43 states participated in statewide Academic Decathlons, [46] though only 35 and an international school participated in the national competition. [47] [48]

Critics such as T. S. Eliot have argued that Othello never comes to an understanding of the gravity of his crime—that he realizes his error but consoles himself in his final speech with cheering reminders of his own virtue. That does not, however, seem consistent with the valiant and honest military character who has thus far been depicted. Othello may have been grossly deceived, and he may be responsible for not clinging to the truth of his mutual love with Desdemona, but, in his final speech, he does face up to his error with the same passion with which he had followed his earlier misconception. Just as he had believed that his murder of Desdemona was divine retribution, he now believes that his suicide is a just act. His passionate nature believes it is meting out justice for the earlier transgression. There is a reference to punishment for Iago, but Shakespeare dismisses the obvious villain so as to focus on Othello’s final act of expiation.

Kate chopin essay titles

kate chopin essay titles


kate chopin essay titleskate chopin essay titleskate chopin essay titleskate chopin essay titles