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In 2014, selected first-team All-Pac-12, finishing with 106 tackles. Had an interception return for a touchdown in each of the two seasons he played at Arizona State. In 2013, signed with Arizona State and started nine games. In 2012, while attending Mesa Community College, selected Junior College first-team All-American. Starred in both football and baseball coming out of high school, but decided to play baseball at Butler Community College in order to follow in his brother's foot steps (brother, Patrick Norris, was drafted by Kansas City Royals out of Butler). Played shortstop but suffered shoulder injury and was forced back to football.

After Ollie returns to normal, it is discovered that he had secretly murdered Prometheus and had left his body to rot in the villain's own headquarters. After Flash and Hal Jordan confront Ollie with this revelation, Ollie goes on the run. Dinah joins Hal and Barry in searching the ruins of Star City for him, and eventually finds the archer scouring the city for one of the men who had worked for Prometheus. He easily defeats all three of them, leaving Dinah trapped in a specialized fluid designed to restrain her. Following this chain of events is Dinah's realization that all Ollie wants is to be left alone and so she tells him during her visitation at his jail cell after he turns himself in. With that said, she decides their marriage is over, leaving her wedding ring with him.

Lance writing

lance writing


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