Master thesis regulatory affairs

The airline industry is responsible for the transportation of people, goods and post around the globe (cp. Netzer 1999, p. 18). It is affected by many factors, including war, economic business cycle, and business competition (cp. Wang 2004, p. 455) as well as its traditionally high level of regulation (cp. Vaara/Kleymann/Seristoe 2004, p. 11). It has been characterised as being an extremely competitive, safety-sensitive, service industry [14] (cp. Appelbaum/Fewster 2002, p. 66). These three characteristics of the industry have a large impact on HRM, as will be explained in subsequent paragraphs.

This course takes a finance perspective in examining conflicts over control and governance of the corporation. Students will familiarize themselves with the main areas of investigation in the corporate governance literature, discuss major scholarly articles of the field, get introduced to the major techniques of theoretical and empirical research, get introduced to recent contributions in the field. Out of the several mechanism to mitigate the conflicts between ownership and control, this class will focus on partial concentration of ownership and control in the hands of one or a few large investors, and alignment of managerial interests with investors through executive compensation contracts. The course will also consider the effect of legal and regulatory institutions of corporate governance in different countries. Finally we will investigate some of the reasons why the topic of corporate governance has received so much attention in recent years, namely the world-wide wave of privatization of the past two decades, deregulation and integration of capital markets combined with recent financial crises that have put the spotlight on corporate governance in emerging markets, and a series of recent US scandals and corporate failures.

The Stevens Institute of Technology offers a ten-course MS in Financial Engineering. Students are able to participate in a required internship and must complete a project or thesis as a requirement for graduation. Students can complete the program full-time, part-time or online. SIT is home of the state of the art Hanlon Financial Systems Lab, which contains a trading room and Bloomberg terminals. Students can also participate in the Financial Engineering Seminar Series where they can hear from leading professionals in the field about current research and industry trends.

Master thesis regulatory affairs

master thesis regulatory affairs


master thesis regulatory affairsmaster thesis regulatory affairsmaster thesis regulatory affairsmaster thesis regulatory affairs