Most embarrassing moment my life essay

Just as we sat facing one another at the café, I was delighted to see Jean, charming and smiling as usual. Soon we began talking with one another and let in, I told her why I had asked her out. What surprised me was her attitude changed as soon as I started talking to her about my feelings and how I would love to have her as my girlfriend. This confused me for a while since, I was quite sure that she was happy to hear that some loved her more than anyone else. With the feeling that I was disgusting before her, I excused myself and went to the men's perhaps to look at my face. Much to my astonishment, I realized that significant piece of oatmeal covered my teeth. This was embarrassing to me seeing that this was responsible for Jeans reaction. Immediately, I washed my mouth with water, grinned at the mirror and walked back to the table. Feeling embarrassed, I continued the talk but kept looking away but with Jean whispered to me that it was alright. After all, my disappointed could not much the joy I had when Jean gave in to my request. To date, Jean is more closer to my heart.

Needless to say, Logan didn’t match her expectations. The mini-mutant began to scream, her voice ripping through the sanctuary and even compelling Steve Rogers to ask her to stop. Clutching his head in anguish, Wolverine calls it quits on the niceties and plays it straight: “ Kid, you ever heard of heightened sense? You got exactly three seconds to stop drilling a hole into my brain.” Before he finishes the countdown, the diminutive girl blasts Wolverine out the church doors and across the street, face-first into a pile of snow. Without moving a muscle, Logan muses, “ Only 198 mutants left on the stinkin’ planet, and that girl’s gotta be one of them.” 

Hmm, writing this is somewhat self-therapeutic, because this shit just happened, and now I can't sleep out of embarrassment! I had had a superlong phone conversation with my boyfriend - and let's just say our relationship has pretty much been on the rocks from the get go....sooo, in the end we wind up discussing very deep existential stuff and some issues he has with bonding and stuff...and I felt satisfied that I had managed to get some important stuff out of him so that I could help him better with advice.... Afterwards I couldn't quite focus on going to sleep, so I decided (like I've done before) to write a long email with some advice and confronting his irrational fears about our relationship - such as fear that having children with me would result in me changing to something really bad like his ex-wife did when he had kids with her...pretty personal stuff. Now...I send it...and I want to re-read it, so goes into my "sent" box where I discover to my absolute horror that the letter was sent to another guy with the same first name as my boyfriend...but who happens to be my old mentee from a university program, aiming for establishing job connections for people leaving university. This guy was sitting at a board in government...and let's just say our meetings were always informative, formal and polite. Nice guy, but I hadn't spoken to him for a year...and well...uhm...not exactly someone I have reason to send much more than my CV and a friendly greeting: And now he just got a letter for my bf where I POUR MY HEART OUT!...nooooooo.... The embarassment! Where is the "undo send" button??... Well, I wrote back quickly, asking him to please not read it and delete it...and I fucked up again, because that old mail was attached to the bottom of it...sigh I give up...I better just go to bed and hope that I won't have any memory of this tomorrow... PS. I doubt I will be able to tell my bf...he is working for the government himself and he'd get a fit of paranoia if he knew...and write me off as a moron forever....

Most embarrassing moment my life essay

most embarrassing moment my life essay


most embarrassing moment my life essaymost embarrassing moment my life essaymost embarrassing moment my life essaymost embarrassing moment my life essay