Oberlin supplement essay example

I have found it makes sense to have an initial consultation that includes an articulation of your real needs, an estimate of the amount of time it will take to accomplish your goals, and devise a plan that fits within the parameters of your budget. During this time we will determine if we can work well together, we will discuss your hopes and fears, and we will evaluate your students’ transcript, interests and any special situations. I will also provide you with a timeline that tells you how you might like to approach the search and/or application process. Packages also available that include group work.

Ed Folsom, Whitman Archive co-director, is the Carver Professor of English at The University of Iowa. Since 1983, he has served as Editor of the  Walt Whitman Quarterly Review . He directed “Walt Whitman: The Centennial Project,” which was funded by the NEH and the Iowa Humanities Board. He is the editor of  Walt Whitman: The Centennial Essays  (Iowa, 1994); co-editor of  Walt Whitman: The Measure of His Song  (Holy Cow!, 1981, rev. ed., 1997) and  Walt Whitman and the World  (Iowa, 1996); and author of  Walt Whitman’s Native Representations  (Cambridge, 1994). He co-authored with Kenneth Price  Re-Scripting Walt Whitman: An Introduction to His Life and Work  (Blackwell, 2005) and co-edited  Leaves of Grass: The Sesquicentennial Essays  (Nebraska, 2007).

Oberlin supplement essay example

oberlin supplement essay example


oberlin supplement essay exampleoberlin supplement essay exampleoberlin supplement essay exampleoberlin supplement essay example