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Through Open Access, AIU and other leading institutions through out the world are tearing down the barriers to access and use research literature and academic materials. Our organization is interested in the dissemination of advances in scientific research fundamental to the proper operation of a modern society, in terms of community awareness, empowerment, health and wellness, sustainable development, economic advancement, and optimal functioning of health, education and other vital services. AIU’s  Mission and Vision  is consistent with the vision expressed in the Budapest Open Access Initiative and Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. Some selected Student Publications are also available for this purpose:  Student Publications.

An article last Sunday about massive open online courses, using information from the MOOC provider Coursera, included several errors. The source of a study of peer grading in a Princeton sociology MOOC was Mitchell Duneier, the teacher, not Coursera. The student work was regraded by Professor Duneier and his teaching assistants, not by Princeton instructors. And it is not the case that the results have been released. The article also misspelled the surname of a co-founder of another MOOC provider, Udacity. He is Michael Sokolsky, not Sokolosky.

Open online courses

open online courses


open online coursesopen online coursesopen online coursesopen online courses