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The work has received a multitude of citations and references from subsequent philosophical books as well as literary articles, works of fiction, and the like. On the Genealogy of Morality is considered by many academics [3] to be Nietzsche's most important work, and, despite its polemical content, out of all of his works the one that perhaps comes closest to a systematic and sustained exposition of his ideas. [4] Some of the contents and many symbols and metaphors portrayed in On the Genealogy of Morality , together with its tripartite structure, seem to be based on and influenced by Heinrich Heine 's On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany .

Polemical writings were common in medieval and early modern times. [10] During the Middle Ages, polemic had a religious dimension, as in Jewish texts written to protect and dissuade Jewish communities from converting to other religions . [11] Medieval Christian writings were also often polemical; for example in their disagreements on Islam. [12] Martin Luther 's 95 Theses , famously nailed to the door of the church in Wittenburg , was a powerful polemic launched against the Catholic Church. [6] Robert Carliell 's 1619 defence of the new Church of England and diatribe against the Roman Catholic Church – Britaine's glorie, or An allegoricall dreame with the exposition thereof: containing The Heathens infidelitie in religion... – took the form of a 250-line poem. [13]

Polemic essay wiki

polemic essay wiki


polemic essay wikipolemic essay wiki