Political science honors thesis ideas

The Department of Political Science is pleased to announce a new major in Public Policy (BA) will begin in Fall 2016.  The new Public Policy BA is designed to facilitate study and/or employment in applied politics and policy making, utilizing the locational advantages of the state capital of Illinois.  The curriculum explores the full policy-making process, including the study of specific policy issues from healthcare to education, criminal justice, social welfare, environmental and agricultural policy, among other areas.  Public Policy students will develop the necessary tools to participate in the advocacy, drafting and analysis of public policy.

Political science majors are some of the most passionate individuals. With the drive, motivation and dedication to helping others and making the world a better place, we’re proud to house one of the best political science departments in the state. Our dedicated faculty offers courses across the full array of sub-fields in our disciplines to give students a well-rounded education in political science.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in government, politics or law – then you’re in the right place. With many graduates going on to work as lawyers, legislative aides, campaign managers and more, we’re sure you’ll find the right path for you. Start exploring our department and see what opportunities are in store for you as a Blugold.

Political science honors thesis ideas

political science honors thesis ideas


political science honors thesis ideaspolitical science honors thesis ideaspolitical science honors thesis ideaspolitical science honors thesis ideas