Pros and cons of internet dating essay

Susan Etlinger , industry analyst at Altimeter Group, said, “Much like the way we increasingly wish to know the place and under what conditions our food and clothing are made, we should question how our data and decisions are made as well. What is the supply chain for that information? Is there clear stewardship and an audit trail? Were the assumptions based on partial information, flawed sources or irrelevant benchmarks? Did we train our data sufficiently? Were the right stakeholders involved, and did we learn from our mistakes? The upshot of all of this is that our entire way of managing organizations will be upended in the next decade. The power to create and change reality will reside in technology that only a few truly understand. So to ensure that we use algorithms successfully, whether for financial or human benefit or both, we need to have governance and accountability structures in place. Easier said than done, but if there were ever a time to bring the smartest minds in industry together with the smartest minds in academia to solve this problem, this is the time.”

[In casinos that have poker], the casino takes a rake, or small percentage of each pot. The percent varies from 2 to 5 percent of each pot. That's how they make money. If states did it online, a state lottery corporation could run a poker room and take a portion of the pot. But it's not like this is free money. You have to market the site. You have to develop the site. It may make more sense for a state to allow casinos to open online poker rooms. Minnesota, for instance, has tribal casinos. They could turn online poker over to the tribal casinos. Or, a state could sign a reciprocal agreement with a casino -- even if that casino is in another state. Californians, for example, can't gamble on Nevada casino's online sites. But if the state of California had a deal with a Nevada casino, people in California would be able to play poker online there. The advantage to the state is that it doesn't have to set up a regulatory system. It has to do some due diligence, of course, but the state wouldn't be reinventing the wheel. There may be other ways for states to handle online poker. As they deal with their budget crises, states will get very creative.

Pros and cons of internet dating essay

pros and cons of internet dating essay


pros and cons of internet dating essaypros and cons of internet dating essaypros and cons of internet dating essaypros and cons of internet dating essay