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Minds On Physics - Legacy Version is the browser-based, Shockwave-dependent version of Minds On Physics the App. Relying on the Shockwave plug-in and a collection of carefully crafted questions, the Legacy Version of MOPs seeks to improve students' conceptions of physics. Formerly named the Minds On Physics Internet Modules, this Shockwave-delivered program combines interactive questioning modules with web-based instructional resources to engage students in an exercise in thinking, reflecting and learning. Students will enjoy using these for practice and teachers can use them as homework assignments.

That's it! You have represented all of the four elements.

Whoa,  hold on there. You may have noticed that the real world does not always look like your exercise. Yep, its true. It doesn't. This is where you get homework. Go out into the world and find each of these elements. Identify each one separate from the others. Identify the shapes and colours associated with each element.

Then, start looking at each of the elements and notice how much of the substrate is visible because of the colour of the water. Look at how much is visible because of the surface of the water and by default, the light. Spend some time noticing how much each of the elements affects the others in the morning, at sunset - and at other times of the day.

Build your observational skills and watch your paintings improve. Having only four elements to work with, gives you a good solid base to start.

Refraction homework help

refraction homework help


refraction homework helprefraction homework helprefraction homework helprefraction homework help