Relevant coursework means

Now, I’m still a bit reluctant to proffer this last recommendation, for a few reasons.  First, a terminal master’s ain’t cheap.  This means accruing a decent amount of debt and then going to graduate school for a few more years and then, if you’re lucky, getting a job that won’t help all that much in paying down your debt.  Second, this approach takes at least two years to execute.  You can’t apply to a . program in your first year of an . program, because applications need to be in by January and your master’s program profs won’t know you well enough to draft good letters (that’s why a two-year program is superior).  Furthermore, as crazy as this sounds, for most . programs, your . coursework won’t count – you’ll often need to do a certain number of course requirements (it does help intellectually, however).  And with all of this, there’s still no guarantee you get accepted. 

Take care that you observe proper writing techniques, including sentence structure, basic grammar and of course spelling. Treat your coursework as an ongoing task throughout the school year, thereby avoiding the mistake of trying to pack it all in within days before the due date. Set realistic milestones, and commit yourself to reaching each one, within the planned timeframe. With hard work and good planning, you can enjoy high levels of success with the BGCSE. Try to design a programme for yourself, and above all make sure that stick to it.

Relevant coursework means

relevant coursework means


relevant coursework meansrelevant coursework meansrelevant coursework meansrelevant coursework means