Rubin carter innocent essay

"The Real Freakin' Story of The Hurricane from , which looks at his boxing career. Excerpt: People "are blown away when I tell them the real story of "The Hurricane" & his boxing career as opposed to the claptrap of the film. And what's even more astounding is that after I tell them the real details of Carter's life & career they don't wanna believe me ... They'd rather believe in the movie & Dylan's song because that makes them feel all warm & fuzzy." [Caution: Profanity]  

Carter's alibi involves Artis in a complicated story of how the two men spent the night of the murders driving from one bar to another. But Artis maintains that he spent the evening dancing in one bar, the Nite Spot. He says his contact with Carter in the early hours of June 17, 1966, was limited to a chance meeting around closing time. Artis says he asked for a ride home and then got stopped by the cops and implicated in the murder.

When I called Artis recently, he stuck to his story. He said he had no idea what Carter was doing during the hours when, according to Carter, the two were together.
''I don't know," Artis said. "I was a dancer. I wasn't there monitoring what people were doing."

Rubin carter innocent essay

rubin carter innocent essay


rubin carter innocent essayrubin carter innocent essayrubin carter innocent essayrubin carter innocent essay