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Cupping is a popular and effective treatment within Traditional Chinese Medicine. In many ways, Cupping is the inverse of a typical massage, as it lifts the muscle, fascia and skin. In Cupping Massage, special suction cups are placed on the client’s back. The therapist uses a pump to suction the air out of each cup and, to draw the client’s muscle up into the cup. The massage of your choice is performed on the lower body while the cups are utilized to soften the musculature of the back. After about 20 minutes the cups are removed and the massage is performed on the back. Cupping Massage is believed to relieve tight muscles, restore skin and muscle tone, boost the immune system and to bring fresh blood, lymph and qi to the affected area of the client’s body. Please be aware that cupping leaves round marks on the back, which can last up to 7 days.

I dont recall at any given moment in time His Holiness Engenas saying we are compiting or we should compete. But i recall him saying that only time will tell as to whether He has been send by GOd or NOT. Calling HIS church a church of dissidents is total lack of respect. I am still having the DVD of the SABC interview with VUYO and the BISHOP! We should also not forget that when the church split Joseph was only left with 6000 member compared to 80000 that followed Reuben Talane( Edward Engenas). The story of a Mozambiqean man who was send by God from his country to to show them ( the Lekganyane family)about who should lead the church it is also need to be told. When the founder propheyised that after his his death the church will be split NONE of the people belived him. he also said towards the END the Small will swallow the Big river. Should we also be like the past generation who chose not to believe in this prophesy that one day they will be ONE?

Term zion

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