Thesis sociology nepal

The anthropologist Kumar Suresh Singh noted that the Rajasthani Ahir are non-vegetarian, though cooking their vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods on separate hearths. Though they eat mutton, chicken, and fish, they do not eat beef or pork. Their staple is wheat, they eat millet in the winters, and rice on festive occasions. They drink alcohol, smoke biri and cigarettes, and chew betel . [40] In Maharashtra, however, Singh states that the Ahir there are largely vegetarian, also eating wheat as a staple along with pulses and tubers, and eschewed liquor. [41] Noor Mohammad noted in Uttar Pradesh that most Ahirs there were vegetarian, with some exceptions who engaged in fishing and raising poultry. [42] In Gujarat, Rash Bihari Lal states that the Ahirs were largely vegetarian, ate Bajra and Jowar wheat with occasional rice, and that few drank alcohol, some smoked bidi , and some of the older generation smoked hookahs . [43]

Cornell Nepal Study Program (CNSP) is pleased to announce the availability of grants to students currently in their thesis year from the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology and Botany to support their dissertation research. We will award Nrs. 10,000 each to seven (7)  students from the Central Department of Botany and to seven (7) students from the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology. An independence team of expert evaluator will select the fourteen (14) awardees based on academic merit feasibility, and the overall strength of the research proposal.

Only students who have taken their regular second-year exam in the current Nepali year (2071 .) and are now in the proposal/thesis writing are eligible to apply for this grant.

To apply for the grant, interested students should submit their complete research proposal not exceeding 15 pages ( space, 12- point font) and the following documents to the CNSP office by 27 April (14 Baishak 2072). In total, applicants must submit all of the following documents:
a) A complete research proposal
b) MA/ firt year Mark-Sheet (photocopy)
c) Reference letter from the Department
d) Photocopy of a valid student ID

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Thesis sociology nepal

thesis sociology nepal


thesis sociology nepalthesis sociology nepalthesis sociology nepalthesis sociology nepal