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West Campus is occupied primarily by apartments and coed undergraduate dormitories. Apartments include Crecine , Center Street , 6th Street, Maulding, Undergraduate Living Center (ULC), and Eighth Street Apartments, while dorms include Freeman , Montag , Fitten , Folk , Caldwell , Armstrong, Hefner, Fulmer , and Woodruff Suites. [44] The Campus Recreation Center (formerly the Student Athletic Complex); a volleyball court; a large, low natural green area known as the Burger Bowl ; and a flat artificial green area known as the CRC (formerly SAC) Fields are all located on the western side of the campus.

Starting in about 2011, Professor Keith Gallagher helped me adapt his ideas on interactive grading to my courses. An interactive grading session is a one-on-one meeting, student with instructor, that lasts 1-to-2 hours (occasionally, 3 hours, ouch) and is focused on a specific exam or major assignment. Usually the focus is on the course’s key piece of work. The intent of the session is coaching, identifying ways the student can improve their work and praising the strengths. Some sessions, of course, are more difficult. In the commercial BBST courses,

Thesis template gatech

thesis template gatech


thesis template gatechthesis template gatechthesis template gatechthesis template gatech